Tips and Tricks: Too Much Festival (Summer Festival)

Too Much Festival: Help Foxglove Tunnelly (Shire Party Tree – 30.0S, 71.6W) find 5 missing items. [1 Token]

These items are all located around the Party Tree area. I have listed them in a way that should take you around the Party Tree in a nice loop, without having to run back and forth too much! Try spamming your Delete button as you run around, since it will select the nearest item and instantly lock onto the item’s location for you.

Foxglove’s wine (29.9S, 71.7W) – in the Inn League tent, next to Foxglove
Foxglove’s teapot (29.7S, 71.5W) – near the ovens, north of the Party Tree
Foxglove’s book (29.7S, 71.2W) – on a large rock, east of the ovens
Foxglove’s twine (29.9S, 71.5W) – near a cat, under the Party Tree
Foxglove’s parasol (30.2S, 71.5W) – at Gaffer Gamgee’s house, south of the Party Tree area

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