Yule Festival 2015 – Ithilien Winter

Yule Festival is here again this year from Thursday, December 17 to Tuesday, January 12. This year’s theme is Ithilien Winter.

*Due to server maintenance, the Yule Festival will be up until Wednesday, January 13.

**It seems that Turbine has put the Yule Festival back up uncharacteristically late in the season. Enjoy it while it’s still here!

Upon logging in, you will be invited to accept a map, which will take you directly to Winter Home, the main center of Yule Festival activities. However, the festival also takes place in all of the following locations:

Shire: the Party Tree
Bree: Festival Grounds
Thorin’s Hall: Thorin’s Hall Inn
Ered Luin: Duillond Festival Garden

If you want to take a look at this year’s new cosmetics and steed, click here.

*          *          *

Introductory and Final Quests

The Yule Celebration of Winter-Home: Guard Kember (Winter Home – 11.9N, 95.2W) will direct you to take a tour around Frostbluff, acquainting yourself with other NPCs and areas in Frostbluff. [2 Tokens]
– Ona Kay, the Eating Contest Announcer
– Mayor
– Mayor’s Wife
– Mabel Mitford
– Cecil Voller in the Snowball Field
– Hobbit Announcer in front of the Festival Theatre
– Gareth Rust
– Daley Utteridge
A Final Act: Once you have completed 30 quests in Winter Home and completed the Deed: Honoured Yule-Friend, various NPCs in Winter-Home will direct you to speak with Mara Sandydowns (Winter Home – 11.9N, 95.3W). You may only select one of the following quest options: [1 Token]
– Assist the Rich: [5 Tokens, 
Title: Miser, 4 Extravagant Festival Cosmetics]
– Support the Poor: [5 Tokens, 
Title: The Blameless, 5 Shabby Cosmetics]
A couple weeks after the Yule Festival ends, you will also receive a quest in your mail that allows you to select one of two nicer cosmetics. [Frostbluff Dress of Thanks or Frostbluff Robe of Thanks]

Yule Festival Daily Quest

Yule Festival: If you participate in at least one Yule Festival activity in Frostbluff, Mara Sandydowns (Winter Home – 11.9N, 95.3W) by the entrance will give you a special reward every day! Some of the cosmetic and steed rewards can be found in these sacks, so it’s worth seeing what you get before bartering for specific rewards with your tokens. [2 Tokens, Sack of Presents]
You might want to wait to barter for Yule Festival rewards until near the end of the festival because there’s a chance you’ll find it in one of your daily Sacks of Presents!

Repeatable Quests

A Charitable Spirit: Daley Utteridge (Winter Home – 12.0N, 95.7W) asks you to donate 1 Festival Token to each of the following NPCs: [-5 Tokens]
– Barrett Nowell
– Ted Ives
– Regina Judson
– Jack Judson
– Bill Hyde
Completing this quest 10 times will complete the hidden Deed: Such Generosity! [50 Tokens, Title: The Openhanded]
Cold As Ice: Daley Utteridge (Winter Home – 12.0N, 95.7W) asks you to disperse Wintry Weather. [4 Tokens]
Empty Keg Emergency: Help Basil Wyndham (Winter Home – 12.2N, 95.4W) refill an empty keg. Pick up a full keg near the ovens and don’t get caught by a watcher! [4 Tokens]
Filling the Field: Help Virgil Greenfield (Winter Home – 12.6N, 95.2W) build a snowman in his field. You can from any one of 5 models: [4 Tokens]
– A Broken Snowman
– A Cap-wearing Snowman
– A Classy Snowman
– A Mitten-wearing Snowman
– A Scarf-wearing Snowman
Building one of each kind of snowman will complete the Deed: A Cool Reception. [Title: Gatherer of Cool Company, Broken Snowman Yard Decoration]
Click for Tips and Tricks
Making Mischief: Help Gareth Rust (Winter Home – 12.0N, 95.7W) cause a distraction with a fireworks display and then pick pockets of wealthy patrons. [4 Tokens]
Moving Them Off: Help Guard Kember (Winter Home – 11.9N, 95.2W) clear out beggars from Winter-Home’s streets[4 Tokens]
Stuffing the Stuffed: Help Mabel Mitford (Winter Home – 12.2N, 95.4W) collect food ingredients from around Winter-Home to feed the hungry patrons. [4 Tokens]
– 5 Winterberries
– 5 Eggs
– 5 Mushrooms
– 3 Bread
The Abominable Snow-beasts: Help Guard Kember (Winter Home – 11.9N, 95.2W) drive off 3 snowbeasts by bringing them some Yule cheer. Select the snowbeasts and emote: “/cheer” to complete. [4 Tokens]
The Biggest Stomach of Them All: Talk to Ona Kay (Winter Home – 12.0N, 95.3W) to begin the Eating Contest. There are 5 eating stations and completing each stage will earn you a different amount of rewards. If you have the quest, Tidying Up, you should complete that quest first.
– 1st station: [90 copper]
– 2nd station: [90 copper, 2 Tokens]
– 3rd station: [90 copper, 3 Tokens]
– 4th station: [90 copper, 4 Tokens]
– 5th station: [90 copper, 4 Tokens]
Tidying Up: Help Basil Wyndham (Winter Home – 12.2N, 95.4W) clear up the mess patrons have left behind around eating tables in Winter-Home. You should finish this quest before attempting the Eating Contest. [4 Tokens]
– 10 Dirty Dishes
– 10 Reeking Garbage
– 10 Liquid Spills
Unwilling Firewood: Help Mabel Mitford (Winter Home – 12.2N, 95.4W) collect 10 hardy firewood from the Wood-trolls. [4 Tokens]
Yes Means Snow: Carolyn Goodnough (Winter Home – 12.1N, 95.3W) directs you to Virgil Greenfield to start the quest, Filling the Field.

Remote Location Quests

Good Cheer and Warm Cider: Samfast Longburrow (Shire Party Tree – 29.9S, 71.5W) asks you to gather 5 apples from Appledore’s Orchard to make his cider. [2 Tokens]
Ribbons and Bows: Daisy Boffin (Shire Party Tree – 29.9S, 71.6W) asks you to gather 5 boxes of ribbons, 5 red berries, and 5 blue flowers for her to make ribbons to wrap her Yule presents. [2 Tokens]
Yuletide Woes (Quest Chain): Bogo Chubb (Hobbiton- 31.5S, 71.2W) asks you to talk to other hobbits in Hobbiton about Lobelia’s post as Yule-planner. Pick up the Invitation at Sandyman’s Mill (Hobbiton 30.8S, 71.1W). Talk to Will Whitfoot (33.4S, 75.0W) in Michel Delving.
The Book of Festival-Law: Will Whitfoot (Hobbiton 33.4S, 75.0W) asks you to find the Book of Festival-law within the library of the Great Smials in Tuckborough.
Yule Be Sorry: Will Whitfoot (Hobbiton 33.4S, 75.0W) asks you to talk to the hobbits of Hobbiton and have them all sign a petition. Show Lobelia Sackville-Baggins (Hobbiton 29.4S, 71.3W) the petition.
A Happy Hobbiton: Lobelia Sackville-Baggins (Hobbiton 29.4S, 71.3W) tells you to talk to Gaffer Gamgee (Hobbiton 30.2S, 71.5W). [Yule Tree]
An Ailing Tradition of Ale: Wim Wheatsheaf (Bree Festival Grounds – 24.7S, 51.5W) asks you to retrieve a lost cask of ale. [2 Tokens]
More Boar for Bree: Sally Blackwort (Bree Festival Grounds – 24.7S, 51.5W) asks you to retrieve 5 dried boar meat that the wolves dragged off to their dens. [2 Tokens]
Dwarf-Ice: Imi (Thorin’s Hall Inn) asks you to help him gather ice from the frozen waterfall and 3 berries so that he can prepare a winter dessert of shaved ice and berry juice. [2 Tokens]
Dwarf-Ice: Glói (Thorin’s Hall Inn) asks you to gather 8 piles of snow, which he will take to the Men of Bree. [2 Tokens]
The Season of Merry-Making: Saervereth (Duillond Festival Garden – 24.6S, 93.1W) asks you to gather 5 mistletoes from young fir trees. [2 Tokens]
Wreathed in Fir: Anglalaith (Duillond Festival Garden – 24.6S, 93.0W) asks you to gather 5 branches from bushes so that she can make Yule wreaths. [2 Tokens]


Alex Grey (Winter Home – 12.0N, 95.2W) ~ Newer Cosmetics, Cosmetic Pets, Steeds, Gold Festival Token Exchange
Jeffrey Bloomer (Winter Home – 12.0N, 95.2W) ~ Past Cosmetics, Consumables, Gift Boxes, Housing Decorations, Titles
Dawson Bearwick (Winter Home – 12.0N, 95.1W) ~ Steeds, Caparisons
Mount Vendor (Winter Home – 12.0N, 95.1W) ~  Past steeds for Mithril Coins
Will Peartree (Hegstacer Farm – 22.4S, 52.3W) ~ Steeds, Caparisons

3 thoughts on “Yule Festival 2015 – Ithilien Winter

    1. If you face the Frostbluff Theatre entrance from the outside, they are on your right. 12.1N, 95.5W. Thanks for checking out my blog! I will eventually post more helpful hints about how to find the snowmen items 😀


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