Spring Festival 2017 – Cosmetics and Steed of the Moon Moth

This year, we have four dyes, five new cosmetics, two kites, and a cosmetic steed, which can be bartered from the Spring Rewards Vendors.

These are the same four dyes that were introduced at last year’s Spring Festival, but the dyes that can be bartered for Mithril Coins and Spring Leaves have been swapped. Last year, Shire-plum and Bullroarer’s Green were available for Spring Leaves, but Lavender and Dark Purple were only available for Mithril Coins. This year, a stack of 6 Lavender Dyes or 6 Dark Purple Dyes can be bartered for [15 Spring Leaves].

I think this is a great way to make sure all players can eventually get all the dyes without spending Mithril Coins. But it keeps things feeling a bit limited edition, since you can only barter certain dyes for Spring Leaves every two years!

I’m also happy to see that the kite cosmetics that were introduced in summer festival have continued through all the festivals festivals! There are two kites, moth and floral, both available for [30 Spring Leaves] each. I’ll be adding pictures soon.





We have five new cosmetics this year, which include a hooded and non-hooded version of a cloak as well three versions of a beautiful dress for [18 Spring Leaves] each. There are also nice gift-wrapped versions of all of these new cosmetics, in case you’d like to get them and give them as presents instead of having them bound to your account.




The cloak doesn’t dye, but it has a shimmery quality to it that makes it seem to change color.

Cloak of the Moth – top close up
Cloak of the Moth – middle close up
Cloak of the Moth – bottom close up


There’s technically only one dress design – the Dress of the Moth.



But, there are three versions of the dress: short-sleeved, long-sleeved, and sleeveless. Here are the three versions of the dress dyed in Spring Festival dyes: Shire-plum, Bullroarer’s Green, Lavender, and Dark Purple.



And of course, our cosmetic steed for this year! The steed is [40 Spring Leaves]. Unlike other years, the entire caparison is not bartered as a box set, but is bartered with [40 Spring Leaves] for each piece in the set.


Steed of the Moon Moth

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