Farmers Faire 2017 – The Harvest Sky

Farmers Faire is here again this year starting from Wednesday, August 23 to Friday, September 8! This year’s theme is the Harvest Sky.

Upon logging in, you will be invited to accept a map, which will take you directly to Bywater in the Shire. Most of the festival occurs in Bywater and at Bywater (Mudbottom) Lake in the Shire. You can also get directly to the Farmers Faire by taking a Festival horse from the Michel Delving stables.

The Festival Announcer at Bywater (31.9S, 69.8W) will start you on A Tour of the Farmers Faire, which lets you see all the important locations for this festival. [3 Farmers Faire Tokens]

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Remote Location Quests

There are two festival horses in Bywater that will immediately take you to these two remote locations.

Sandson’s Egg Scramble:
At Sandson’s Farm, Wymarc Grubb (Shire – 32.0S, 74.3W) will ask you to collect 5 white eggs that spawn randomly among the chickens. Occasionally, you can find a rare coloured, spotted, striped, or even golden egg. You get [10 Farmers Faire Tokens] for successfully completing the quest. The different types of eggs you collect will go into your inventory, where you can right-click them for different amounts of tokens. [Coloured: 2 Tokens, Spotted: 5 Tokens, Striped: 10 Tokens, Golden: 50]
Maggot’s Mushroom Hunt:
At Bamfurlong, Osbert Puddifoot (Shire – 33.7S, 64.6W) will ask you to collect 8 of Farmer Maggot’s mushrooms without being caught by his watching hounds, Fang, Grip, and Wolf. You get [10 Farmers Faire Tokens] for successfully completing the quest. Each mushroom you consume also gives you tokens. Even after you find 8 mushrooms, keep collecting as many as you can for even more tokens. Careful, as each different coloured mushroom also has a unique effect. [White Mushroom: 1 Token, Unique Mushrooms: 2 Tokens]
Black-heart Mushroom: Paranoia – the scarecrows look like Mordirith, Gortheron and a Nazgûl (30 sec)
Green Spotted Mushroom: Diminutive – you shrink (1 min)
Mud-wren Mushroom: Sluggishness – lose 30% run speed (30 sec)
Red-cap Mushroom: Quickening – gain 25% run speed (30 sec)
Red Spotted Mushroom: Giant – you grow (1 min)
Skunk-cap Mushroom: Stinky – impairs your vision (30 sec)
Violet Delight Mushroom: Whoa… – you faint (30 sec)

Farmers Market Quests

Bounder Rounds: Bounder Boffin (31.9S, 69.8W) asks you to admonish the hobbits who have gotten too drunk. You must scold 7 hobbits, but if you scold 2 sober hobbits, the quest fails. [4 Farmers Faire Tokens]
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Revenge of the Drunkards: Drunkard (31.8S, 69.6W) calls you to take revenge on the Bounders. First, you must drink the Tankard of Beer and then throw 10 rotten vegetables at a Bounder without being seen. This is an easy quest, if you stand behind one of the stalls and target one of the Bounders from there. [4 Farmers Faire Tokens]
Fat Mayor: Will Whitfoot (31.9S, 69.7W) is helping himself to lots of food and needs your help with some dishes that are not to his liking. Relieve him with either some butter, milk, salt, water, or wine. You must help him 6 times, but if you bring him the wrong item 3 times, the quest fails. [5 Farmers Faire Tokens]
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Manning the Market: Daisy Sandyman (31.8S, 69.7W) needs you to help the customers at her stall. There are 6 customers and you must try to help as many as you can in 15 minutes. You earn [4 Farmers Faire Tokens] for each customer you help.
Click for Tips and Tricks
A Market List – gather an onion, cheese, bread, meat, apple, and cabbage
A Shopping List – gather an onion, cheese, bread, meat, apple, and cabbage
A Vendor List – gather an onion, cheese, bread, meat, apple, and cabbage
Apple-Shopping – find 3 green, 6 red, and 1 golden apple from the 3 apple crates
Fresh Savoury Mushroom Stew – collect ingredients and make a stew
A Nosy Request – admonish lazy workers 
Restocking the Market: Help Sperling Took (31.9S, 69.7W) restock items at the market. You will have to go to different farms around the Shire, but Sperling gives you a pie for a +68% speed boost that lasts 20 sec. If you fail, you can immediately go back to Sperling to pick up the quest again. However, once you successfully complete one restocking quest, you cannot do another one until the next day. [1 Token]
To the Appledores: Restocking the Apple Stall (29.3S, 71.8W) 
To Bamfurlong: Restocking the Mushroom Tent (34.3S, 64.4W)
To the Beehives: Restocking the Honey (33.5S, 69.8W)
To Budgeford: Restocking the Bacon (31.3S, 66.1W)
To Cotton’s Farm: Restocking the Cabbages (32.4S, 69.4W)
To Longo Burrow’s Farm: Restocking the Pipeweed (33.0S, 70.4W)
To Northcotton Farm: Restocking the Wine (22.9S, 68.0W)
To Sandson’s Farm: Restocking the Eggs (32.1S, 74.3W)

Fishing Quests

You can fish at Bywater (Mudbottom) Lake and talk to Godo Bracegirdle (31.3S, 70.0W) to barter them for [3 Farmers Faire Tokens]. There are also several quests you can do by the lake.

Pond, or Thief: Goldie Tunnelly (31.3S, 70.0W) needs your help finding 5 missing items. You should be able to fish them up! [4 Farmers Faire Tokens]
Big Fish, Little Fish: Bollo Bolger (31.3S, 69.9W) asks you to catch 7 Big Fish. If you catch 5 Little Fish, the quest fails.
Fishy, Very Fishy: Flobert Chubb (31.2S, 70.0W) asks you to catch many different types of fish. There are several stages in the quest. If you catch any Bad Fish, the quest fails. [Title: An Amazing Angler!]
– catch 10 Easy Fish
– catch 10 Simple Fish
– catch 10 Possible Fish
– catch 10 Tricky Fish
– catch 10 Unlikely Fish
Hired Hook: Petunia Hornblower (31.2S, 70.0W) asks you to help her catch fish by running a bunch of errands. [4 Farmers Faire Tokens]
– dig for worms and put them in the bait bucket (30.9S, 70.1W)
– hook the bait
– catch 5 Dinner Fish from the Bywater Lake
– take the fish to Hal Hornblower (31.5S, 71.2W) in Hobbiton

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