Ale Association

The Ale Association is one of two drinking factions represented at every festival. Not sure which faction is right for you? Click here to learn about some of the differences between the Ale Association and Inn League.

Joining the Ale Association is entirely optional, but there are many advantages such as being able to barter for neat furniture, cosmetics, a goat, and titles as well as being able to gather Festival Tokens much faster by trading in your [Badges of Dishonour]. The Ale Association faction headquarters are at Thorin’s Hall Inn in Thorin’s Hall, Ered Luin. However, you can only access the Ale Association room when you have at least Friend standing with them.

If you’re a fellow alt-oholic and have many toons to choose from, I would recommend taking your hunter through Ale Association initiation. Of course, you can make all of your toons Ale Association members, but if you’re going to pick one, hunters and wardens are your best option for the run speed boost as well as the ports.

Ale Association Challenge: Introduction

Ale Association Challenge — Introduction: Andri (Thorin’s Hall Inn) sends you off to speak with Bjarni at the Prancing Pony in Bree to begin the Ale Assocation Challenge! Bjarni will then send you off to various locations around Bree to drink 6 beers at each station.
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Ale Association Challenge

The challenge can be attempted daily for 1,200 Ale Association reputation.

Ale Association Quests

More information coming soon!

Ale Assocation Deliveries

This is where hunter and warden ports come in handy. There are Ale Association Members spread across Eriador, who need you to deliver drinks to them. You can do these quests daily, but unlike the Inn League deliveries, you can’t pick up all the drinks ahead of time. Your best bet is to go to the Ale Assocation Tavern Keep NPCS in the festival areas and pick up the quests. Then, you must go to each pickup location to receive the drink (you do not need to buy it) before you can go to the delivery location. For each delivery, you get 900 reputation with the Ale Association, -500 reputation with the Inn League, and [1 Badge of Dishonour].

Ale Association Tavern Keeps
Party Tree, Shire (29.9S, 71.5W)
Festival Grounds, Breeland (24.6S, 51.5W)
Thorin’s Hall Inn, Ered Luin (13.8S, 103.2W)
Festival Gardens, Ered Luin (24.6S, 93.0W)

Unfortunately, these quests have different levels, from 15-40, so you will not have access to all of them until you are close to all of those levels. This first list is of all the available delivery quests when you talk to an Ale Association Tavern Keep.

Delivery Quests
15 All But The Good Cider: The Forsaken Inn, Lonelands -> Brockenborings, Shire
15 Never Further From Home: The Prancing Pony, Breeland -> Thornley’s Worksite, Breeland
15 One Drink Too Few: The Prancing Pony, Breeland -> Thrasi’s Lodge, Ered Luin 
20 Quite A Tickle: Thorin’s Hall Inn, Ered Luin -> Ost Haer, Lonelands 
25 A Bit of White: Ivy Bush, Hobbiton, Shire -> Oatbarton, Evendim 
25 Bombur’s Breath: The Green Dragon, Bywater, Shire -> Othrikar, North Downs
30 A Different Reminder of Rivendell: The Last Homely House, Trollshaws -> Refuge of Edhelion, Ered Luin 
35 A Drink Of The Best Character: The Plough and Stars, Brockenborings, Shire -> Aughaire, Angmar 
35 A Convoluted Wine: The Bird and Baby, Michel Delving -> Echad Candelleth, Trollshaws
45 A Dark Prank: The Floating Log, Frogmorton, Shire -> Zigilgund, Forochel
45 Not Atli’s Favourite: The Green Dragon, Bywater, Shire -> Hrimbarg, Misty Mountains

I’ve made this second list by grouping together drinks that have pickup locations near one another, so that you don’t have to run back to the same maps over and over again. Within the parentheses, I’ve noted the quest level, the quest name, and the final delivery location, so you can judge whether or not you want to pick up that particular drink.

Pickup Locations
Thorin’s Hall Inn, Ered Luin: Small Beer (20 Quite A Tickle – Ost Haer, Lonelands)
The Floating Log, Frogmorton, Shire: Toad’s Tongue Ale (45 A Dark Prank – Zigilgund, Forochel)
The Green Dragon, Bywater, Shire: Green Dragon’s Breath Ale (25 Bombur’s Breath – Othrikar, North Downs) and 1404 Vintage Reserve (45 Not Atli’s Favourite – Hrimbarg, Misty Mountains)
The Ivy Bush, Hobbiton, Shire: Whitebranch (25 A Bit of White – Oatbarton, Evendim)
The Bird and Baby Inn, Michel Delving, Shire: Old Wineyards (35 A Convoluted Wine – Echad Candelleth, Trollshaws)
The Plough and Stars, Brockenborings, Shire: Mead (35 A Drink of the Best Character – Aughaire, Angmar)
The Prancing Pony, Breeland: Isenwine (15 Never Further From Home – Thornley’s Work Site, Breeland) and Barliman’s Best (15 One Drink Too Few – Thrasi’s Lodge, Ered Luin)
The Forsaken Inn, Lonelands: Forsaken Cider (15 All But The Good Cider – Brockenborings, Shire)

The Last Homely House, Trollshaws: Dorwinion Red (30 A Different Reminder of Rivendell – Refuge of Edhelion, Ered Luin)

Assuming that you want to do all of the delivery quests, I’ve created a third list that orders all pickup and delivery locations, so that you can deliver some drinks on your way as you pick them up. I’ve tried to order it as efficiently as possible to minimize running back to maps. But depending on what kind of travel methods or milestones you have available, you might find something else more to your liking. Of course, if you’re a hunter or warden, traveling order isn’t too much of an issue.

Pickup and Delivery Route
Thorin’s Hall Inn, Ered Luin – pickup Small Beer
The Prancing Pony, Breeland – pickup Isenwine and Barliman’s Best
Thornley’s Worksite, Breeland – deliver Isenwine  (Wesley Hopwood, 26.3S, 53.6W)
The Forsaken Inn, Lonelands – pickup Forsaken Cider
*Ost Haer, Lonelands – deliver Small Beer (Wald Mugwort, 37.5S, 27.9W)
The Floating Log, Frogmorton, Shire – pickup Toad’s Tongue Ale
The Green Dragon, Bywater, Shire – pickup Green Dragon’s Breath Ale and 1404 Vintage Reserve
The Ivy Bush, Hobbiton, Shire – pickup Whitebranch
The Bird and Baby, Michel Delving, Shire – pickup Old Winyards
The Plough and Stars, Brockenborings, Shire – pickup Mead and deliver Forsaken Cider (Foxglove Grubb, 27.4S, 68.0W)
Oatbarton, Evendim – deliver Whitebranch (Harigar Mudbottom, 23.0S, 67.3W)
Zigilgund, Forochel – deliver Toad’s Tongue Ale (Lófi, 9.5N, 81.1W)
Othrikar, North Downs – deliver Green Dragon’s Breath Ale (Múli, 7.1S, 45.1W)
Aughaire, Angmar – deliver Mead (Nathalan, 0.2S, 40.1W)
Echad Candelleth, Trollshaws – deliver Old Winyards (Saerthuithel, 37.3S, 13.9W)
The Last Homely House, Trollshaws – pickup Dorwinion Red
Hrimbarg, Misty Mountains – deliver 1404 Vintage Reserve (Óli, 24.4S, 7.1E)
Refuge of Edhelion, Ered Luin – deliver Dorwinion Red (Lendasil, 14.1S,100.7W)
Thrasi’s Lodge, Ered Luin – deliver Barliman’s Best (Alrek, 21.6, 94.1W)
*This is a really nice location for hunters to bind their campfire as it is right next to the Inn League Member, and you will not have to run from Ost Guruth everytime.

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