Farmers Faire – Deeds

At the Farmers Faire: Participate in various quests in the Farmers Faire to receive [5 Farmers Faire Tokens]!
Complete Bounder Rounds (0/3)
Complete Revenge of the Drunkards (0/3)
Complete Fat Mayor (0/3)
Complete Manning the Market (0/3)
Complete Restocking the Market (0/3)
Complete A Tour of the Farmers Faire
Fine Faire Fishing: Participate in various fishing quests in the Farmers Faire to receive [5 Farmers Faire Tokens]!
Complete Big Fish, Little Fish (0/3)
Complete Pond, or Thief? (0/3)
Complete Hired Hook (0/1)
A Helping Hand: Complete all of the restocking quests with Sperling Took to receive [5 Turbine Points, Title: Helping Hand]!
Complete To Bamfurlong: Restocking the Mushroom Tent
Complete To the Appledores: Restocking the Apple Stall
Complete to Budgeford: Restocking the Bacon
Complete To Cotton’s Farm: Restocking Cabbages
Complete To Sandson’s Farm: Restocking the Eggs
Complete To Longo Burrow’s Farm: Restocking the Pipeweed
Complete To the Beehives: Restocking the Honey
Complete to Northcotton Farm: Restocking the Wine
Egg Scramble: Collect Coloured Eggs: Acquire and use each of the coloured eggs in the Egg Scramble to receive  [10 Farmers Faire Tokens]!
– blue egg
– green egg
– orange egg
– red egg
– purple egg
Egg Scramble: Collect Spotted Eggs: Acquire and use each of the spotted eggs in the Egg Scramble to receive  [10 Farmers Faire Tokens]!
– green and yellow spotted egg
– orange and red spotted egg
– purple and blue spotted egg
– blue and red spotted egg
– yellow and blue spotted egg
Egg Scramble: Collect Striped Eggs: Acquire and use each of the striped eggs in the Egg Scramble to receive  [10 Farmers Faire Tokens]!
– blue and white striped egg
– yellow and red striped egg
– pink and purple striped egg
– orange and purple striped egg
– red and green striped egg
Egg Scramble: Collect the Golden Egg: Acquire and use the Golden Egg in the Egg Scramble to receive  [10 Farmers Faire Tokens]!
Egg Scramble Victories (Tier 1): Complete the Egg Scramble successfully 5 times to receive [Title: Novice Scrambler]!
Egg Scramble Victories (Tier 2): Complete the Egg Scramble successfully 20 times to receive [Title: Eggsellent]!
Maggot’s Mushroom Victories (Tier 1): Complete Maggot’s Mushrooms successfully 5 times to receive [Title: Novice Mushroom-Hunter]!
Maggot’s Mushroom Victories (Tier 2): Complete Maggot’s Mushrooms successfully 20 times to receive [Title: Mushroom-muncher]!
Full of Farmers Faire: Complete different deeds at the Farmers Faire to receive [Title: Farmer-friend]!
Complete deed: A Helping Hand
Complete deed: At the Farmers Faire
Complete deed: Fine Faire Fishing
Complete deed: Egg Scramble Victories (Tier 1)
Complete deed: Maggot’s Mushroom Victories (Tier 1)