Summer Festival – Deeds

Celebrating Sunshine: Participate in various quests and activities in the Summer Festival to receive [Title: Sunshine]!
Go Fishing in Bree-Land
Go Fishing in Celondim
Go Fishing in Bywater
Go Fishing in Thorin’s Hall
Find the Missing Things in Duillond 
Complete the Forgotten Errands in Thorin’s Hall
Recover from Too Much Festival in the Shire
Gather Fireworks for the Festival
A Lucky Day At The Races: Attend the Taste of Hobbiton as well as the Keg Races, and win once with each race contestant to win [Title: Lucky Duck]!
Win with Daffodily
Win with Bury
Win with Gladdy
Win with Mudric
Win with Kolmar
Win with Lar
Win with Signar
Win with Ottó
Much Eating, Much Running: Win the Taste of Hobbiton on each of the race contestants three times! [15 Tokens]
Much Drinking, Much Running: Win the Keg Race on each of the race contestants three times! [15 Tokens]
Too Much of Everything: Complete both Much Eating, Much Running as well as Much Drinking, Much Running. [15 Tokens, Title: Picky Picker, Emote: /heave]