Tips and Tricks: Missing Things (Summer Festival)

Missing Things: Help Lalfor (Duillond Festival Garden – 24.6S, 93.1W) find 5 missing items. [1 Token]

These items are all located around Duillond. I have listed them in a way that should take you around Duillond in a nice loop, without having to run back and forth too much! Try spamming your Delete button as you run around, since it will select the nearest item and instantly lock onto the item’s location for you.

goblet (24.1S, 93.2W) – on a table beside the ovens, north of the Festival Garden
jewellery box (23.9S, 93.0W) – beside a workbench, further north of the Festival Garden and ovens
blue book (23.8S, 92.9W) – from the jewellery box, go forward and then towards the right, towards the stairs, to find the book on a fountain ledge
brown book (23.8S, 92.7W) – continue towards the right and up the other staircase to find the book on a ledge beside a tree
bundle of books (23.9S, 92.7W) – in the marketplace, near all of the vendor NPCs