General Festivals

LOTRO has a number of wonderful festivals to enjoy, each one a little different and offering something unique! They occur seasonally and usually around the same time each year, though there are exceptions, of course.

Spring Festival (late March – early April)
Summer Festival (late July – early August)
Farmers Faire (early September) based in the Shire’s Bywater area
Harvest Festival (late October – early November)
Yule Festival (late December – early January) based in Frostbluff, accessible by Festival Horses from all starter area Stable-Masters

Additionally, there are main festival hubs in each starter area, where festival quests and NPCs are usually available.

Shire: The Party Tree
Bree: Festival Grounds
Thorin’s Hall: Thorin’s Hall Inn
Ered Luin: Duillond Festival Garden

Every festival on LOTRO is unique in its own way, but they all have some aspects in common! Here is a guide to the dances and horse-races, which are available in the same locations during every festival.


Every 20 minutes, the Dance Leaders will ask you to participate in dancing with them. Do not leave the area after selecting the quest or else you will fail! Select the Dance Leader NPCs and leave your target selection there. Type the /dance, /dance2, and /dance3 emotes immediately after the NPC has asked you to follow along in dancing “step one,” “step two,” or “step three,” respectively. If you copy all of their moves successfully, you may earn one of the race-specific dancing emotes!

Dances with Hobbits: Oger Brockhouse (Shire Party Tree – 29.9S, 71.5W) [/hobbit_dance or /hobbit_dance2]
Dances with Men: Ada Musgrove (Bree Festival Grounds – 24.7S, 51.6W) [/man_dance or /man_dance2]
Dances with Dwarves: Galmi (Thorin’s Hall Inn) [/dwarf_dance or /dwarf_dance2]
Dances with Elves: Nedhrien (Duillond Festival Garden – 24.6S, 93.1W) [/elf_dance or /elf_dance2]

Horse Trader

You can barter for recent Festival Horses with Festival Tokens or past Festival Horses with mithril coins from Will Peartree (Hegstacer Farms – 22.4S, 52.3W).

Horse Races

The Delving Fields Lithe Run: Carl Proudfoot (Shire Race-Track – 35.3S, 73.1W) asks you to mount a race-horse or pony and race around the track before time runs out! [3 Tokens]
The Bree-fields Summerdays Run: Sally Threshing (Bree Festival Grounds – 24.9S, 52.0W) asks you to mount a race-horse or pony and race around the track before time runs out! [3 Tokens]

Special Quests

The Pie-Eating Contest: Humbert Sandheaver (Bree Festival Grounds – 24.5S, 51.4W) is occasionally holding a pie-eating contest at a table near the Bree Festival Grounds. Eat six pies in less than 1 minute! [Title: Pie-Eating Champion]

Drinking Factions

Inn League: This is a faction founded by hobbits that love themselves a good drink! Check out the Inn League page for more information!
Ale Association: This is a rival faction to the Inn League and is founded by dwarves that appreciate fine drinks! Check out the Ale Association page for more information!

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