Farmers Faire 2016 – The Farmer’s Table

Farmers Faire is here again this year starting from August 31 to September 15! This year’s theme is the Farmer’s Table.

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Summer Festival 2016 – The Summer Sea

Summer Festival is here again this year from Thursday, July 21 to Thursday, August 4! This year’s theme is the Summer Sea.

There are a handful of exciting new quests and rewards this year that are related to kites as well, so be sure to check it out!

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Tips and Tricks: Filling the Field (Yule Festival)

Filling the Field: Help Virgil Greenfield (Winter Home – 12.6N, 95.2W) build a snowman in his field. You can choose from any one of 5 models: [4 Tokens]


A Broken Snowman
– 1 stick
– coal
A Cap-wearing Snowman
– cap
– pipe
– acorn
– carrot
– coal
– 2 sticks
A Classy Snowman
– top hat
– scarf
– acorn
– coal
– sticks
A Mitten-wearing Snowman
– pair of mittens
– carrot
– coal
– 3 acorns
A Scarf-wearing Snowman
– scarf
– acorn
– 2 sticks
– coal
Acorns are beneath the trees, west of Virgil’s snowmen.
The cap is near Daley Utteridge among the poor of Winterhome.
Carrots are among the chicken coops, northeast of Virgil’s snowmen.
Coal is beside the oven and kegs.
pair of mittens
The pair of mittens are beside the Frostbluff Theatre entrance.
The scarf is beside the Thirsty Patron, who waits for fresh keg deliveries.
Sticks lay scattered around the snowfield near Virgil’s snowmen.
top hat
The top hat is near the entrance to Winterhome, beside Ona Kay.

After you find all your materials around Winterhome, go back to the snowfield and build your snowman!




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