Farmers Faire – Deeds

At the Farmers Faire: Participate in various quests in the Farmers Faire to receive [5 Farmers Faire Tokens]!
Complete Bounder Rounds (0/3)
Complete Revenge of the Drunkards (0/3)
Complete Fat Mayor (0/3)
Complete Manning the Market (0/3)
Complete Restocking the Market (0/3)
Complete A Tour of the Farmers Faire
Fine Faire Fishing: Participate in various fishing quests in the Farmers Faire to receive [5 Farmers Faire Tokens]!
Complete Big Fish, Little Fish (0/3)
Complete Pond, or Thief? (0/3)
Complete Hired Hook (0/1)
A Helping Hand: Complete all of the restocking quests with Sperling Took to receive [5 Turbine Points, Title: Helping Hand]!
Complete To Bamfurlong: Restocking the Mushroom Tent
Complete To the Appledores: Restocking the Apple Stall
Complete to Budgeford: Restocking the Bacon
Complete To Cotton’s Farm: Restocking Cabbages
Complete To Sandson’s Farm: Restocking the Eggs
Complete To Longo Burrow’s Farm: Restocking the Pipeweed
Complete To the Beehives: Restocking the Honey
Complete to Northcotton Farm: Restocking the Wine
Egg Scramble: Collect Coloured Eggs: Acquire and use each of the coloured eggs in the Egg Scramble to receive  [10 Farmers Faire Tokens]!
– blue egg
– green egg
– orange egg
– red egg
– purple egg
Egg Scramble: Collect Spotted Eggs: Acquire and use each of the spotted eggs in the Egg Scramble to receive  [10 Farmers Faire Tokens]!
– green and yellow spotted egg
– orange and red spotted egg
– purple and blue spotted egg
– blue and red spotted egg
– yellow and blue spotted egg
Egg Scramble: Collect Striped Eggs: Acquire and use each of the striped eggs in the Egg Scramble to receive  [10 Farmers Faire Tokens]!
– blue and white striped egg
– yellow and red striped egg
– pink and purple striped egg
– orange and purple striped egg
– red and green striped egg
Egg Scramble: Collect the Golden Egg: Acquire and use the Golden Egg in the Egg Scramble to receive  [10 Farmers Faire Tokens]!
Egg Scramble Victories (Tier 1): Complete the Egg Scramble successfully 5 times to receive [Title: Novice Scrambler]!
Egg Scramble Victories (Tier 2): Complete the Egg Scramble successfully 20 times to receive [Title: Eggsellent]!
Maggot’s Mushroom Victories (Tier 1): Complete Maggot’s Mushrooms successfully 5 times to receive [Title: Novice Mushroom-Hunter]!
Maggot’s Mushroom Victories (Tier 2): Complete Maggot’s Mushrooms successfully 20 times to receive [Title: Mushroom-muncher]!
Full of Farmers Faire: Complete different deeds at the Farmers Faire to receive [Title: Farmer-friend]!
Complete deed: A Helping Hand
Complete deed: At the Farmers Faire
Complete deed: Fine Faire Fishing
Complete deed: Egg Scramble Victories (Tier 1)
Complete deed: Maggot’s Mushroom Victories (Tier 1)

Summer Festival – Deeds

Celebrating Sunshine: Participate in various quests and activities in the Summer Festival to receive [Title: Sunshine]!
Go Fishing in Bree-Land
Go Fishing in Celondim
Go Fishing in Bywater
Go Fishing in Thorin’s Hall
Find the Missing Things in Duillond 
Complete the Forgotten Errands in Thorin’s Hall
Recover from Too Much Festival in the Shire
Gather Fireworks for the Festival
A Lucky Day At The Races: Attend the Taste of Hobbiton as well as the Keg Races, and win once with each race contestant to win [Title: Lucky Duck]!
Win with Daffodily
Win with Bury
Win with Gladdy
Win with Mudric
Win with Kolmar
Win with Lar
Win with Signar
Win with Ottó
Much Eating, Much Running: Win the Taste of Hobbiton on each of the race contestants three times! [15 Tokens]
Much Drinking, Much Running: Win the Keg Race on each of the race contestants three times! [15 Tokens]
Too Much of Everything: Complete both Much Eating, Much Running as well as Much Drinking, Much Running. [15 Tokens, Title: Picky Picker, Emote: /heave]