Inn League

The Inn League is one of two drinking factions represented at every festival. Not sure which faction is right for you? Click here to learn about some of the differences between the Inn League and Ale Association.

Joining the Inn League is entirely optional, but there are many advantages such as being able to barter for neat furniture, cosmetics, a steed, and titles as well as being able to gather Festival Tokens much faster by trading in your [Badges of Taste]. The Inn League faction headquarters are at the Bird and Baby Inn in Michel Delving, the Shire. However, you can only access the Inn League room when you have at least Friend standing with them.

If you’re a fellow alt-oholic and have many toons to choose from, I would recommend taking your hunter or warden through Inn League initiation. Of course, you can make all of your toons Inn League members, but if you’re going to pick one, hunters and wardens are your best option for the run speed boost as well as the ports.

Inn League Initiation

Inn League Initiation — Party Tree: Ailward Chubb (Shire Party Tree – 29.9S, 71.6W) challenges you to drink 6 beers in 1 minute! Then he sends you on a wild goose-chase around the Shire, drinking 6 beers at each tavern. Meanwhile, you will become more inebriated and your screen will get hazier.
Click for Tips and Tricks

Inn League Trial

The challenge can be attempted daily for 1,200 Inn League reputation.

Inn League Deliveries

This is where hunter and warden ports come in handy. There are Inn League Members spread across Eriador, who need you to deliver drinks to them. You can do these quests daily, so the best idea is to go to each delivery pickup location once and grab a huge stack of the local drink. For each delivery, you get 900 reputation with the Inn League, -500 reputation with the Ale Association, and [1 Badge of Taste].

You can go to the Inn League Tavern Keep NPCs in the festival areas to pick up every delivery quest at once, but there really is no need. In my opinion, if you’ve picked up the stacks of drinks already and they’re sitting in your inventory, just travel to the delivery locations and talk to the Inn League Member, who wants the drink, and they will both start and finish that quest for you.

Inn League Tavern Keeps
Party Tree, Shire (29.9S, 71.5W)
Festival Grounds, Breeland (24.6S, 51.5W)
Thorin’s Hall Inn, Ered Luin (13.8S, 103.2W)
Festival Gardens, Ered Luin (24.6S, 93.0W)

Unfortunately, these quests have different levels, from 11-40, so you will not have access to all of them until you are close to all of those levels. I’ve ordered the first list based on pickup locations, so that you can travel around Eriador and pick up your stacks of drinks a little more efficiently. Within the parentheses, I’ve noted the quest level and the final delivery location, so you can judge whether or not you want to pick up that particular drink.

Pickup Locations
Thorin’s Hall Inn, Ered Luin: Bombur’s Beard Lager (30 – Othrikar, North Downs)
Limael’s Vinyard,
Ered Luin: Limael’s Vintage (11 – Thornley’s Work Site, Breeland)
The Bird and Baby Inn,
Michel Delving, Shire: Blagrove’s Brown (20 – Oatbarton, Evendim)
The Ivy Bush, Hobbiton, Shire: Thistlebelly Brew (20 – Ost Haer, Lonelands)
The Golden Perch, Stock, Shire: Brandy Wine (35 – Echad Candelleth, Trollshaws)
Prancing Pony, Breeland: Stars of Old Cider (11 – Brockenborings, Shire) and Moor-boar Beer (40 – Zigilgund, Forochel)
The Combe and Wattle Inn, Combe, Breeland: Beakbreaker Ale (40 – Hrimbarg, Misty Mountains)
The Forsaken Inn, Lonelands: Forsaken Ale (11 – Thrasi’s Lodge, Ered Luin) and Swill (35 – Aughaire, Angmar)
The Last Homely House, Rivendell, Trollshaws: Dorwinion White (30 – Refuge of Edhelion, Ered Luin)

I’ve ordered this next list based on delivery locations for use when you’re making your daily runs after you’ve picked up all the stacks of booze you want. I’ve tried to order them as efficiently as possible once again, but depending on what kind of travel methods or milestones you have available, you might find something else more to your liking. Of course, if you’re a hunter or warden, traveling order isn’t too much of an issue. Within the parentheses, I’ve included the quest level, NPC name, and NPC coordinates.

Delivery Locations
Refuge of Edhelion, Ered Luin (30 – Lendasil, 14.1S, 100.7W)
Thrasi’s Lodge, Ered Luin (11 – Alrek, 21.6, 94.1W)
Brockenborings, Shire (11 – Foxglove Grubb, 27.4S, 68.0W)
Oatbarton, Evendim (20 – Harigar Mudbottom, 23.0S, 67.3W)
Zigilgund, Forochel (40 – Lófi, 9.5N, 81.1W)
Thornley’s Worksite, Breeland (11 – Wesley Hopwood, 26.3S, 53.6W)
Othrikar, North Downs (30 – Múli, 7.1S, 45.1W)
Aughaire, Angmar (35 – Nathalan, 0.2S, 40.1W)
*Ost Haer, Lonelands (20 – Wald Mugwort, 37.5S, 27.9W)
Echad Candelleth, Trollshaws (35 – Saerthuithel, 37.3S, 13.9W)
Hrimbarg, Misty Mountains (40 – Óli, 24.4S, 7.1E)
*This is a really nice location for hunters to bind their campfire as it is right next to the Inn League Member, and you will not have to run from Ost Guruth everytime.

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